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business intelligence

We transform the information about the business and its environment into the practical knowledge and tools, to empower the decision-making process and support the actions, that will  further bring competitive advantages, development and growing profits for our customers.

We generate efficient solutions, required for making the best business decisions, at both, strategic and operational level, in order to improve the business activity and ensure its successful development.

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I was impressed by the commitment made by BIS to provide solutions adjusted for specific needs of our company, quite exclusive in our case, requiring professionalism, analytical skills and high level of integrity and ingenuity.
Liudmila Climoc, CEO
ÎM Orange Moldova SA

The solutions are gathered through the process of integration, systematization and analysis  of the data, collected from multiple external and internal sources, as well as designing various business simulations and holistic approach.


The proposed specialized expertise in this field includes, but not limited to:


  • Integrated Business Intelligence solutions
  • Consultancy in identifying and managing business risks
  • Sectoral studies and/or competition monitoring
  • Due Diligence studies
  • Regulatory framework monitoring reports
  • Integrity & creditworthiness check research
  • Reports on companies


years of collaboration with the leader of mobile telephony market of Moldova (Voxtel/Orange Moldova)


years of collaboration with EU and RM sugar market leader (Sudzucker)

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